About me

So who am I? My name is Erik Lundin and I currently live in Uppsala, the fourth biggest city in Sweden. I moved to Uppsala in the autumn of 2002 to study physics at Uppsala University which I unfortunately have not finished, instead I got a master in applied biotechnology.

My life goal is to be a researcher and my biggest interests are natural science and martial arts (unfortunately I have not done any of that for quite some while). Natural science is extremely interesting since there are so many challenging things to do and I like to learn and understand things. One can explore how the world works on a quantum level up to how the universe itself works (and all the numerous things in between). In biology, that I like to work in, one can explore how structure give function up to how big ecosystems are built up from the individual organisms.
In natural science I include mathematics and computer science. Both can be of use in science and I like both, from all the calculations in theoretical physics to the models of the dynamics of species interactions. I am a great believer in the power of mathematics in trying to understand the world.

Personal I would like to study cells and how their proteins (and the rest) interacts to make it tick. Studying the pathways in human cell would help to understand how the cell malfunctions (disease) when the pathways are perturbed. Basically I would like to draw (a very big) image with arrows between different cell components.

I am currently trying to find a PhD position. Mostly I am looking for something in molecular biology and/or biotechnology, especially about cancer, other diseases and/or understand how the cell works. I also would like to do a combination of both wet lab and dry lab as well. I am also interested in bioinformatics, evo dev, evolution, genetics, paleontology and computer science (even if it is very unlikely that I will work with the last two).

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